Convex Auth

Convex Auth is a library for implementing authentication directly within your Convex (opens in a new tab) backend. This allows you to authenticate users without needing an authentication service or even a hosting server. Your application can be a React SPA served from a CDN or a React Native mobile app.

NOTE: Convex Auth is very new. Please share any feedback you have on Discord (opens in a new tab).

Convex Auth enables you to implement the following authentication methods:

  1. Magic Links & OTPs - send a link or code via email
  2. OAuth - sign in with Github / Google / Apple etc.
  3. Passwords - including password reset flow and optional email verification

To get a working authentication system, you'll follow these 3 steps:

  1. Set up the library
  2. Configure chosen authentication methods
  3. Build your UI

The library doesn't come with UI components, but you can copy from the example repo to quickly build a UI in React.


Try out the example app live: (opens in a new tab)

Get Started

Head over to Setup to get started.